Grassroots Program

  • Since the inception of FC Boca Predators, it has been a principal of the club to promote, assist, and develop youth soccer in Boca Raton through our grassroots initiative.
  • Allowing every child, the ability to play soccer was a founding principal of our club. There are opportunities for all.
  • We believe it is important the children first and foremost have fun, build selfconfidence, and allow them to fall in love with the game.
  • In 2015 we strategically partnered with our local YMCA here in Boca Raton to help develop youth soccer.
  • We’ve shared coaches, facilities, assisted the YMCA with clinics for both players and referees, to ensure soccer is a challenging, positive, and nurturing experience for all the young players regardless of ability
  • FC Boca in conjuncture with the YMCA offers free referee courses to ensure fair play and understanding.
  • Furthermore, our grassroots initiative has allowed YMCA children and parents that have a continued interest in the sport to continue their journey with FC Boca Predators.